Taxation, Trust and Company Issues in Family Law

The manner in which people are structuring their finances is becoming increasingly more complex. Many assets available for distribution in a Family Law context are associated with Trusts and various entities. In addition to this, many officeholders including directors and appointors may be individuals who are not a party to the Family Law matter. This [...]

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Child Support and Maintenance

Child Support refers to payments made by one parent to the other parent by way of financial support for their child. Child support can be arranged either via a Child Support Assessment through the Child Support Agency (DHS) or through a private agreement. A Child Support Assessment takes into account a number of factors including [...]

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What is Spousal Maintenance?

We frequently get asked the questions: What is Spousal Maintenance? Can I get assistance with living expenses after divorce? Do I have to contribute to my former partner's living expenses after separation? In some circumstances, in addition to distributing property, it is appropriate for payments to be by one former partner to the other, in order [...]

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Splitting Superannuation in Divorce

From a Family Law perspective, Superannuation is considered to be property which can be divided between a couple who have separated. This relates to all Superannuation Funds including accumulation funds, defined benefit funds and self-managed superannuation funds. Whilst not always the case, the usual procedure for splitting superannuation in divorce (particularly in long relationships) is [...]

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