Angela Guest Reaches A 10 Year Milestone

October 2018

Congratulations to our Angela Guest on her legal admission anniversary which marks 10 years since she joined the legal profession. Angela has extensive experience in all aspects of family law, including complex property matters, protracted conflict matters relating to children, and parental alienation.

Kylie Howard to Chair Family Law Seminar

September 2018
Kylie Howard has been invited to chair a Family Law Seminar hoisted by the Television Education Network on the important topic of tax and financial issues in Family Law. We commend Kylie for her efforts in assisting in the professional development of family law lawyers. Kylie is well versed in Family Law matters involving complex financial issues.

Glezer Lanteri & Associates Pty Ltd Voted 2018 Family Law Specialists Of The Year By APAC Insider

August 2018

We are pleased to announce that Glezer Lanteri & Associates Pty Ltd has received the Family Law Specialists of the Year Award (Melbourne) from APAC Insider. The award recognises “exceptional work and services undertaken by Asia Pacific’s leading practices and individuals.” Our Melbourne Family & Divorce Lawyers are honoured to receive such an acknowledgement for their contribution to Family Law.

Melbourne Family Lawyer Celebrates 15 Years On Collins Street

April 2018
This month marks 15 years since 139 Collins Street became home for our Family Lawyers in Melbourne. Glezer Lanteri & Associates have been providing the very best divorce and family law advice to our clients since that day from this convenient location. Our offices are easily accessible via train and tram and there is ample car parking near by.

Angela Guest Granted Accreditation Of Family Law Specialist By The Law Institute of Victoria

December 2017

Congratulations to Angela for becoming an Accredited Family Law Specialist, with her conferral taking place in December 2017. This is a significant achievement which acknowledges Angela’s commitment to family law in addition to her extensive and specialised expertise in this complicated area. We now have three Accredited Family Law Specialists ready to help you with your divorce or any other family law issues.

Kylie Howard Becomes A Consultant

October 2017
In recognition of Kylie’s extensive knowledge and experience in Family Law, and the contributions that she has made to Glezer Lanteri, she has been provided with the title of Consultant. Congratulations, Kylie.

Encouraging The Next Generation of Lawyers

July 2017
This month, Angela was invited to attend a ‘Leadership Conference’ aimed at VCE students to provide advice and guidance about career options and in particular, about life in the law. At Glezer Lanteri & Associates Family Lawyers, we acknowledge the importance of assisting in the development of young lawyers, and prospective lawyers in a very challenging but rewarding profession.

Ralph Glezer Hosts ‘Old Family Lawyers Biennial Dinner’

June 2017
Well done to Ralph Glezer for organising another successful gathering of the ‘Old Family Lawyers.’ The event brings together long-standing members of the profession, including retired members of the judiciary, the bar and solicitors. An enjoyable night for all and an opportunity to acknowledge those who have made significant contributions to Family Law.

Presentation on Intervention Orders

May 2017
Angela Guest has shared her expert knowledge about Intervention Orders and their relevance to Family Court Proceedings with fellow Family Lawyers from Melbourne via a presentation for the Television Education Network. Angela has extensive experience in dealing with matters involving IVO’s.

Presentation of Case Watch

May 2017
Our Family Lawyer Kylie Howard has presented this month’s Case Watch overview for the Television Education Network. Kylie is a regular presenter due to her extensive and up-to-date knowledge of all aspects in Family Law.

Participation in International Discussion Panel

March 2017
Our family lawyer, Kristy Hams, has been invited to share her experience and expertise in her role as Independent Children’s Lawyer at a discussion panel convened on behalf of the US Special Advisor for Children's Issues). Kristy is honoured to be providing valuable information about Australian Family Law issues to the US Ambassador and her delegation. Based in Melbourne, Kristy is available to provide advice on all aspects of Family law, including complicated children’s issues.

Ralph Glezer presents Family Law talk at charity event

February 2017
Ralph Glezer has shared his knowledge of Family Law with other Melbourne Lawyers in a recent charity event held to raise funds for cancer research. It has been a privilege to contribute to this noble cause which affects so many people.

Angela Guest Completes Masters of Applied Law (Family Law)

November 2016
Congratulations to Angela Guest for completing her Masters of Applied Law (Family Law). The Masters qualification adds to Angela’s wealth of knowledge in all areas of Family Law.

Presentation of Case Watch

November 2016
Angela Guest was invited to present this month’s Case Watch overview for the Television Education Network. Her presentation involved an analysis of recent Family Court decisions, including in relation to appeals, children’s matters and financial issues. Angela is available to provide advice on all aspects of Family Law.

Ralph Glezer and Angela Guest’s involvement in Family Law Court Committee

November 2016
We are pleased to confirm that Ralph Glezer has be re-nominated to serve on the LIV’s Court Practises Committee whilst Angela Guest has been nominated to serve on this committee for the first time. Ralph and Angela are eager to assist in the development of positive court practises.

Annemaree receives 'Women Trail-blazers in Family Law' Award

September 2016
We are very proud to announce that our Annemaree Lanteri has been presented with the Women Trail-Blazers in Family Law. Annemaree has made a significant contribution to Family Law and the legal profession, as acknowledged by her being awarded a membership in the Order of Australia for such contributions. She continues to serve as a mentor to our firm and the profession in general.

20 Year milestone

May 2016
Congratulations to our Kylie Howard on her legal admission anniversary which marks 20 years since she joined the legal profession. What a milestone! Through her career, Kyle has obtained extensive experience in Family Law, including via working in Sydney and Queensland. Kylie is available to provide advice in all aspects of Family law.

LIV Award

May 2016
The Law Institute of Victoria has acknowledged Ralph Glezer’s significant contribution to the legal profession, including Family Law by awarding him a Certificate of Service. The purpose of the LIV Awards is to recognise all those in the profession who go beyond the call of duty in the service they provide to their clients and to the community. Well done, Ralph!

40 Year milestone

April 2016
Congratulations to our Ralph Glezer who as of this month has been a member of the legal profession for 40 years. During this time Ralph has enjoyed in illustrious career and is well respected by his peers. Ralph is well known for his determination to obtain a good result for his clients.

Contribution to the Television Education Network

March 2016
Kristy Hams has been invited to apply her extensive knowledge to present on recent Case Law developments in Family Law. Kristy has an esteemed reputation, particularly for in her contributions as an Independent Children’s Lawyer.

LIV Mentor of the Month

February 2016
This month our Angela Guest was selected as the Law Institute of Victoria Mentor of the Month. Angela continues the long standing tradition of Glezer Lanteri & Associates Family and Divorce Lawyers, contributing to the professional development of lawyers, particularly in the Family Law field. Angela adopts a practical and sensitive approach to both her mentees and clients, in this emotional area of law. Angela is available to provide advice in all aspects of Family Law matters.

GLA receives Leading Family Law and Divorce Firm Award

Nov 2015
We are pleased to announce that Glezer Lanteri and Associates has been listed as a Leading Family Law and Divorce Firm in Melbourne in Doyles Guide to Australian Law Firms. GLA is known for providing practical and exceptional advice in Family Law and continues to actively contribute in progressing the Family Law system.

Ralph Glezer receives Leading Family Law Lawyer Award

Nov 2015
Congratulations to Ralph Glezer who has been listed as a Leading Family Lawyer in Melbourne by Doyles Guide to Australian Law Firms. Ralph continues to make a significant contribution to the field of Family Law including through his role as Chairman of the Law Institute of Victoria’s Family Law Committee. Ralph is available to assist clients in all aspects of Family Law.

Jemma Gray joins the GLA Team

Oct 2015
We would like to extend a warm welcome to Jemma Gray who has joined the GLA Team and will be assisting in administration. Jemma hails from Queensland and is known for her friendly, sunny and helpful disposition. Welcome to the Team, Jemma!

Interview with The Age regarding school selection

Aug 2015
Ralph Glezer has been interviewed in his role as Chairman of Law Institute of Victoria's Family Law Executive Committee to comment on issues associated with separated parents selecting which school their children are to attend. This can be a very contention issue for many separated parents. For the full article, please visit:

Presentation at Monash University

June 2015
Angela Guest has been invited to provide a presentation to Monash Law Students considering entering the legal profession followed by contributing to a Monash University publication about practising in the area of Family Law. At GLA, we believe it is important to encourage the younger generation to pursue their goals and shall continue to assist in the educational development of the profession.

Contribution to the Television Education Network

May 2015
Kylie Howard has been invited by the Television Education Network to discuss recent developments in Family Law. Kylie continues the GLA tradition of being involved in various aspects of professional development for Family Lawyers.

Angela Guest re-appointed as Co-Chair of LIV Committee to assist young suburban lawyers

February 2015
After three consecutive years of being the Victorian Co-Chair of the Law Institute of Victoria’s Committee which assists Regional and Suburban Young Lawyers, Angela has been appointed as Co-Chair of the Southern RSYLC, which aims to provide support specifically to lawyers practising in the southern suburbs of Victoria.

Ralph Glezer appointed as Chairman of the Law Institute of Victoria's Family Law Executive Committee

November 2014
Congratulations to Ralph Glezer who has been successfully voted in by the Family Law Executive Committee to act as its Chairman. Ralph has been a longstanding member of the Committee and over the years has contributed to many LIV Family Law submissions.

Ralph Glezer to continue serving on the Family Law Courts Practises Committee

November 2014
Ralph Glezer has been selected to continue to role in the Law Institute of Victoria’s Family Law Court Practises Committee. The Committee, comprising of esteemed family law practitioner, judges and Registrars meet to discuss issues associated with the Federal Circuit Court and the Family Court of Australia.

Kristy Hams Re-appointed to ICL Panel

November 2014
Kristy has been re-appointed to participate in the Independent Children’s Lawyer Panel. This enables her to represent the interests of children in Family Law proceedings. This is a very important role and ensures that children who are struggling to come to terms with the separation of their parents can feel part of the resolution process and be heard. Kristy has been a strong contributor to the Panel since her original appointment in 2008.


We are very experienced in all aspects of Family Law and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.