Children’s Arrangements After And During Divorce / Separation

Separation is a difficult and emotional time for everyone, especially for children involved, it is here that an experienced child custody solicitor can make a huge difference in sorting out your children’s arrangements. Upon separation, it is important to consider what arrangements should be made in relation to any children. From a practical perspective, one should consider the following while making the children’s arrangements:

  • With whom (and where) should the children live?
  • If the children are living predominately with one parent, when should they spend time with the other parent?
  • Who should make long term decisions in relation to the children’s care, welfare and development?
  • What arrangements should be made for special events, including the children’s birthdays and religious or cultural celebrations?
  • Are there concerns for the children’s safety?
  • How can the parent’s best communicate with each other about the children?
  • What arrangements (if any) should be made for travel with the children?
  • What financial arrangements need to be made for the children?

Of course, every family is unique and therefore parents will have different concerns and questions about how to reach an arrangement which reflects their children’s best interests. Through adopting a practical and empathetic approach, our team can guide you through any queries and concerns relating to children matters, including discussing various options specifically tailored to your children’s needs and interests. Based on your specific situation, we can advise you as to whether it is preferable for you enter into a non-binding ‘parenting plan’ or to obtain Court Orders which are binding. Court Orders can be made via negotiations by consent without the need to attend Court however in some situations, it will be necessary to obtain assistance from the Court.

When making parenting Orders, the court considers what are in the best interests of the children, placing emphasis on ensuring the children are protected from harm and that the children have the benefit of a relationship with both parents. The Court also considers a number of other factors including the children’s wishes and their relationship with each parent. As you can see child custody can be complex, our team of lawyers has vast experience in child custody and obtaining the best outcome for the children’s arrangements.

Hire our expert child custody family solicitors today and start working towards the outcomes you want from your separation or divorce.