Divorce: Property And Financial Disputes (incl Asset Protection)

Property and Financial disputes during divorce and separation are common. A challenging consequence can be deciding how property and financial assets should be divided. Our experienced divorce and property lawyers advocate a practical and commercially sensible approach in resolving financial issues, taking into consideration each individual client’s aims, circumstances and priorities. Some practical issues to consider are as follows:

  • Asset Protection: What assets are most important to you and why?
  • Is it beneficial to any of the children for either you or your ex-partner to retain the home (eg: is it in close proximity to the school)?
  • If you are to retain certain assets, do you have the ability to meet any liabilities associated with the asset, such as a mortgage?
  • If re-financing is required, is it likely that a financial institution will provide you with this?
  • Is it possible that some assets have been hidden from you?
  • Will relinquishing any particular assets adversely affect your income capacity?
  • Are there any assets that may be disposed of by your ex-partner or their associates without your knowledge or consent?
  • Will there be taxation implications resulting from the distribution of assets?

Property that can be divided in a Family Law dispute include real property, businesses, savings, trusts, inheritances, shares, superannuation, motor vehicles, household furniture, and the like. Liabilities are also considered.

Our team of Family Lawyers in Melbourne has access to a vast network of other professionals who are able to assist in specific areas pertaining to property and financial disputes during divorce or separation including accountants, tax advisors and asset valuers. For the best advice call our divorce and property lawyers today on (03) 9658 7700 and make an appointment to see us at Level 2, 139 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia.