Stamp Duty On Property Transfer During Divorce Or Separation

As one of the best family lawyers in Melbourne, Glezer Lanteri & Associates take into account ‘hidden’ costs associated with a property settlement in divorce, including stamp duty, tax etc.  One of the questions we are frequently asked is: With the changes in stamp duty, will I have to pay stamp duty on transfer of [...]

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Same Sex Separation Rights

What are same sex separation rights in Victoria? Is a question we are asked by people seeking clarity on same sex relationship break up entitlements. This can be a complex issue, but we will try to provide some answers in this article. Financial Issues Provided that separation has occurred after February 2009, financial issues in [...]

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De facto Separation

De facto separation occurs when either a heterosexual couple or a same sex couple who, whilst not marrying, have lived together as a couple on a genuine domestic basis and now wish to separate. A de facto partner’s ability to seek a property settlement or deal with other financial issues arsing from the breakdown of [...]

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Child Abduction: How Our Lawyers Can Help Retrieval

Child Abduction By A Parent Sometimes a parent conceals, detains or takes a child from the other parent, often assisted by other family members. Such an act is called parental abduction. This form of child abduction usually happens when the parents have separated. What Our Family Lawyers Can Do To Help If a child has [...]

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Third Party Rights and Interests

Protecting third party rights and interests in a divorce can be a complex matter. If you are a third party with issues in family law caused by someone else's separation or divorce we can advise and represent you. Lets look at how these problems occur: A relationship break-down between a couple can have a ripple [...]

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What is Spousal Maintenance?

We frequently get asked the questions: What is Spousal Maintenance? Can I get assistance with living expenses after divorce? Do I have to contribute to my former partner's living expenses after separation? In some circumstances, in addition to distributing property, it is appropriate for payments to be by one former partner to the other, in order [...]

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Divorce Lawyers Melbourne

Before an application for divorce can be made by our divorce lawyers in Melbourne, the following needs to happen: Firstly a separation. A separation occurs when two people are no longer in a relationship. Often, this occurs when they cease living together, though people can remain separated and still live in the same house. A divorce [...]

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