Taxation, Trust and Company Issues in Family Law

The manner in which people are structuring their finances is becoming increasingly more complex. Many assets available for distribution in a Family Law context are associated with Trusts and various entities. In addition to this, many officeholders including directors and appointors may be individuals who are not a party to the Family Law matter. This creates many complications in quantifying the assets available for distribution between the separating couple.

Significant taxation implications can arise in Family Law property matters, whether this be via selling an investment property, shares or due to a corporate structure in place. Prior to any financial settlement occurring, it is imperative that all taxation liabilities are correctly considered to ensure a fair result.

Our team of family law attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with complex asset pools and the taxation ramifications of the disposing or transferring of specific assets, including those tied to a company structure. We also have a vast network of experienced professionals including forensic accountants and valuers who can assist in the process.