Binding Financial Agreements (Including ‘pre-nuptial’ Agreements)

Many people prefer to avoid the stress of court proceedings, which can be daunting and time consuming. It is possible for a couple to avoid the court process for Financial issues by entering into Binding Financial Agreement. This can be done prior to a marriage/de facto relationship, (commonly known as a ‘pre-nup’) during a relationship, or post separation.

Binding Financial Agreements are useful if you:

  • Want to avoid the court process;
  • Wish to make arrangements about what is to occur financially, in the event of a separation; or
  • May seek to make arrangements for Spousal Maintenance.

There are stringent requirements which an Agreement must meet in order for it to be binding. For example, it is a requirement for each party to obtain their own separate independent legal advice about specific advantaged and disadvantages of their specific Binding Financial Agreement. This ensures that each party is well informed of all considerations.

Pre-nuptial agreements can be taken out by couples planning marriage or even couples contemplating a de-facto relationship. Same sex couples can also benefit from the peace of mind of a pre-nuptial agreement.

Everyone hopes that their relation will last forever, but in this ever changing world, nothing can be guaranteed to test the passage of time. The last thing most couples want is an acrimonious divorce, and a pre-nuptial agreement goes a long way to making a divorce or separation less stressful for all parties.

You deserve the peace of mind a binding pre-nuptial agreement will bring to your relationship. But not all pre-nuptial agreements are equally effective. This is not something that can be written up on a postage stamp from a set of DIY instructions. Therefore it makes sense to let our Melbourne divorce lawyers, who have vast experience in drawing up watertight binding financial agreements, draw up your pre-nuptial agreement. Call us today and ensure your peace of mind in the years to come by taking the first step towards a binding pre-nuptial agreement.

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