family law solicitor

Kylie Howard

Kylie was admitted to practice in 1996. Since her admission, she has worked almost exclusively in the area of Family Law.

Prior to joining our firm of  family lawyers Melbourne in 2008, Kylie was employed firstly in Queensland, and then in Sydney, where she worked in a respected Family Law firm.

Kylie has extensive Family Law experience and has represented clients in a variety of complex cases in both the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court.

Kylie holds a special interest in assisting clients to resolve their disputes without the need to resort to litigation.

Kylie is experienced in all aspects of Family Law and can assist clients in all matters relating to:-

  • Property matters

  • Children’s matters

  • De facto Property matters (including same sex disputes)

  • Spousal Maintenance and Child Support issues

  • Mediation.

Qualifications and Memberships:-

  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
  • A member of the Law Institute of Victoria
  • A member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia

Kylie has been:-

  • A regular presenter of “Case Watch” for the Television Education Network.
  • A published contributor in the Law Institute Journal.