Third Party Rights and Interests in Divorce / Separation

Protecting third party rights and interests in a divorce can be a complex matter. If you are a third party with issues in family law caused by someone else’s separation or divorce we can advise and represent you. Lets look at how these problems occur:

A relationship break-down between a couple can have a ripple effect on the finances of others, including those have loaned the parties money, or who have a joint interest with one of the parties in an asset which is part of the relationship/matrimonial pool. In some situations, one party may claim that they have an equitable interest in an asset which is held entirely in a 3rd parties name. Such people are often family members or business associates of the couple and are concerned that their property interests will be adversely affected due to the breakdown of the couple’s relationship.

We understand that such disputes can be awkward and therefore require a tactful approach. Contact our experienced team of divorce lawyers, if you are concerned about your interests being adversely affected by someone else’s Family Law issues.