Child Support and Maintenance After Separation Or Divorce

Child Support refers to payments made by one parent to the other parent by way of financial support for their child. Child support can be arranged either via a Child Support Assessment through the Child Support Agency (DHS) or through a private agreement.

A Child Support Assessment takes into account a number of factors including each parent’s income and the time they spend with the relevant child or children. If you believe the Assessment is incorrect, there is a process by which the Assessment can be disputed.

Alternatively, parents can enter into a Child Support Agreement stipulating the amount of child support to be paid. This can be periodic payments and/or specific payments to benefit the child, including the payment of school fees, medical costs and the like.

Child Support generally cases once a child reaching the age of 18 however in some circumstances, payments can continue after a child attains the age of 18.

If you have queries or concerns about Child Support/Maintenance issues, please contact our Melbourne divorce lawyers so that we can provide you with further information tailored to your situation.