How A Family Lawyer Can Help With Parenting Order’s During Divorce

If you have children, one of the many things you will come up during your divorce and will need to be discussed with your family lawyer is Children's Orders sometimes also referred to as parenting orders. What are Parenting Orders? These are directives made by the family court about parenting arrangements for the child. But [...]

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Same Sex Separation Rights

What are same sex separation rights in Victoria? Is a question we are asked by people seeking clarity on same sex relationship break up entitlements. This can be a complex issue, but we will try to provide some answers in this article. Financial Issues Provided that separation has occurred after February 2009, financial issues in [...]

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Children’s Arrangements

Separation is a difficult and emotional time for everyone, especially for children involved, it is here that an experienced child custody lawyer can make a huge difference in sorting out your children's arrangements. Upon separation, it is important to consider what arrangements should be made in relation to any children. From a practical perspective, one [...]

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